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Our  Services - A Reminder:

· Contract Compliance: offering very high value right around the contract life-cycle.

· Joint Venture Audits: the provision of JV Audit expertise and co-ordination.

CorGuv News  — May 2014

The Forensic Compliance Investigators

We have not sent out a Newsletter for 18 months because we have been so busy. As you will see below, we have expanded our services and found this has been well received. We hope you find this Newsletter informative and I

Contract Management becoming Increasingly Important

We are seeing greater evidence that Contract Management is becoming more
important. Click on our
News Page to see a selection of articles discussing the issue.

Joint Venture Audit Expansion

We are involved in an increasing number of JV Audits, due to the increasing risks in North Sea Projects being spread over an increasing number of partners. Our
inclusion of Contract Compliance in some these audits is identifying new risks not normally found by standard JV Audits.
We have doubled the size of the JV Audit Team as our client-base expands.

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CorGuv goes International

We have had an increasing amount of International work in Australia and
Africa. Our new approach of offering both Contract Compliance and Joint
Venture Audit Services is attracting some interesting new clients.

If you would like to understand more of what we do, we have a 2 minute
video summarising our approach and benefits on our home page.
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This infographic summarises the
extension of our services into the early stages of the Contract Life Cycle. We are in a strong position to advise because our detailed experience of actual post-award contract performance.
Research has identified an average of 9% value-leakage per contract, a large
portion of which could be stemmed by improving internal controls (see CG V) and contract writing (see CG 1).

Since our last newsletter, we have undertaken many projects. The results have been carefully measured and a selection of results are represented in the graph on the right: